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Mother Loses 65 lbs with NO Exercise

Mother Loses 65 lbs

How a Mother Loses 65 lbs with NO Exercise This 52 year old Mother of two, got sick and tired of being sick and tired with no energy and visits to her cardiologist telling her that she needed to lose some weight. Seems a day wouldn’t go by that someone would ask her “How far along …

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How I keep weight off

Thrive Lifestyle mix

How I keep weight off I set out on a goal to lose 20 pounds this year and I have done that, but the best part is I have KEPT the weight off! So how? First off, weight loss is not a diet, fad, or a try to lose weight just to gain it back. …

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Foods That Fight Stress

sleep better

Depression and anxiety can be easily caused by many things including genetics and lifestyle choices.  You can’t always cure depression on your own, but you can make little changes in your life to help fight bad moods and anxiety.  One of the ways you can fight depression and anxiety is by eating foods that are …

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Stress Sleep and Fat Loss

get better sleep

Stress| Sleep|Fat Loss It’s already hard to get enough sleep in our busy, wired, non-stop culture — 40% of people sleep less than the recommended seven to nine hours a night. It’s true, between a third and half of all adults in the US and around the world suffer from insomnia at some point in …

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late night eating

THE NUMBER ONE WAY TO TELL YOUR EATING TOO MUCH SUGAR 1. You constantly crave sugary things. The more sugar you eat, the more you’ll crave it. “More cravings then equal consuming more sugar—it becomes a vicious and addictive cycle,” Brooke Alpert, M.S., R.D., author of The Sugar Detox: Lose Weight, Feel Great and Look Years Younger, …

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Fat Burning Tip


‪‎Fat Burning‬ Tip – Simply walk briskly, or on an incline, for 5 to 10 minutes to help you lower blood sugar and stabilize insulin, before your ‪workout. It also warms up the muscles and joints, helping you prevent injury. After an intense or HIIT  workout, we can incorporate a sneaky strategy to burn those free fatty acids literally …

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Carrots Can Make You Fat?


How could Carrots Make You Fat? Yes, obviously the cake could put fat on you but you would never suspect all of the other “Good Carrots”? You’ve probably been told over and over again that veggies are extremely healthy and help you burn fat, but truth is, there are SIX specific veggies that you absolutely …

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Counting Carbs and Calories

Burger carb

While counting calories may be more accurate than simply “watching what you eat,” it certainly can become a cumbersome chore each day. Beyond that, the results you achieve are much more related to the the types of foods you eat than calories alone, which makes the below superior (and more convenient) “counting” method one of …

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What is Metabolism?

Simple Explanation of What is Metabolism in 11 minute video Know that you know what metabolism is, I can tell you first hand that you should only boost your metabolism Naturally with proper nutrition and exercise. Forget about quick fixes and super charged hazardous energy drinks and pills. Warning… high doses of caffeine will eat up …

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Know Your Yogurt


Know Your Yogurt Yogurt, especially the Greek variety, has skyrocketed in popularity in the last decade. This is good news. Yogurt is a wonderful food, whether for breakfast or snack. Here are a few things you should know in order to choose the best yogurt for you.   Tip #1 – Yogurt contains natural sugars …

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