Improve Brain Functions

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How to Improve Brain Functions

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• Schedule a mental health day.
• Spend 30 minutes to an hour outside every day.
• Spend 10 minutes with your bare feet in the dirt, grounding every day.
• Do some breath work or meditate in the morning to clear your mind and prepare
for the day.
• Set daily intentions and write notes to put on your mirror. This will keep your
intentions and affirmations in front of you and top of mind.
• Give your mind breaks throughout the day.
• Seek professional help with counselors and healers as needed.
• Make a gratitude list each night before you go to bed. Literally, count your
blessings so they are in your thoughts as you go to sleep.
• Notice your negative thoughts (impatience, unkindness, jealousy, anger, etc.)
and rate them on a scale from one to ten. One means you are experiencing
the negative thinking less and ten meaning you are experiencing the negative
thinking at maximum. Now notice the opposite of that negative thought and
rate that as well. For example, if you are at an 8 on the impatience scale, you
only have 2 left for patients. Ask yourself how willing you are to let go of the
negative thoughts and slide toward more positive thoughts. Keep a thorough
thought journal for at least a week to notice your progress.

• Your mental health affects your physical health.
• Stress and negative emotions can cause muscle constriction which can
create painful muscle tension, pinch or stress nerves, and create any
number of harmful chemical/hormonal imbalances.
• Mental health is an important pillar in The Complete Healing Formula.

Yours in Fitness – Coach Tim

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