Mother Loses 65 lbs with NO Exercise

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How a Mother Loses 65 lbs with NO Exercise

Mother Loses 65 lbs

This 52 year old Mother of two, got sick and tired of being sick and tired with no energy and visits to her cardiologist telling her that she needed to lose some weight. Seems a day wouldn’t go by that someone would ask her “How far along are you?”.  This Mama could hardly climb a flight of steps much less do vigorous exercise. So… Mother Loses 65 lbs with NO Exercise

Luckily a friend asked her to try a sample of some “miracle” product that would give her tons of energy and help her lose some weight in just a few weeks. With nothing to lose but lbs, she gave an honest effort with the sample that consists of 3 simple steps.

The results were immediate energy and as promised and the weight loss came without exercise. After ordering Thrive for herself… 3 months later she was down 30 lbs.  After 6 months she was down 65 lbs and 8 sizes, but most importantly the Thrive Experience has helped KEEP the weight OFF!

Now this happy Mama has a new lifestyle, to say the least. Healthy clean eating, no sodas or sweets, and the only exercise she does is walking. The cardiologist says the blood work (cholesterol levels) are normal now and is very impressed with the results!

Friends, everyone wants weight loss and better health, but few are willing to do what is necessary. This Mother can tell you that YOU owe it to yourself and family to give the Thrive Experience” a trial.  You can sign up is free with NO CC. or obligation and ask for a trial sample or more info.

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I’m rooting for you, Coach Tim

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