Weight Loss Mindset

Weight loss is a choice that you must make and really want deep down in your heart; starting with self-love, new habits, and of course taking action.

It’s important to remember that there is no such thing as a “perfect” world or body, also there are no acceptable excuses when you want something bad enough. Life will challenge you but you don’t ever quit! You just learn to plan, check, and adjust better for the next day.

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Below are 7 weight loss tips that are mentally easy to focus on.

  1. Visualize yourself as if you already have lost the weight. Close your eye’s and imagine after the weight loss, how you will look, feel, and what you are able to do slimmer. Think back to the time when you were in the best shape of your life… and know that it is possible again. “If you can see it, you can achieve it!”
  2. Set realistic expectations and goals (small victories). Ask yourself how much weight do I need to lose to make myself happy? For instance; if you want to lose 24 lbs this year, that would only be 2 lbs. per month. The key is to be honest with yourself, and set up a daily plan that will work for you because it is a weight loss journey not a sprint.
  3. Get with your doctor and make sure that the weight loss you want or need to do makes sense and is safe for you! Your doctor can give you some re-assurance and guidelines as well.
  4. Have a plan! Weekly meal prep and knowing healthy food swaps will save you time and money and also could spare you a few pounds. Be ready for lifes unexpected fast food covienances for lunch or dinner. We are human not perfect, so if you must give in… learn what you can do differently next time.
  5. Ditch old Habits and tell a friend. You know your weaknesses better than anyone, so go ask a friend that you trust to be your accountability partner. You must stop buying crap at the grocery store, and you must change your behavior towards food. Find healthy food swaps for the emotional times that will come up. Talking to a good friend is a great distraction and can change your physiology.
  6. Reward yourself and celebrate the small victories! You will be surprised that once you start seeing the results, you will be motivated to keep going. Set one day a week to go out and celebrate. Go grab your friend and show ot off! Reward yourself with your favorite meal, but be careful not to sabatoge your progress.
  7. Get a good Journal and fitness tracker. Keep track of your food, drink, weight, and especially your sleep! Log everything in your journal that you can’t on the app. Keep recordings of your moods, and how every meal made you feel. This is good to alert you to food sensitivities that you may have.

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