What is Metabolism?

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Simple Explanation of What is Metabolism in 11 minute video

Know that you know what metabolism is, I can tell you first hand that you should only boost your metabolism Naturally with proper nutrition and exercise. Forget about quick fixes and super charged hazardous energy drinks and pills. Warning… high doses of caffeine will eat up your kidneys and wreck your health in so many ways, not to mention the sugars, carbonation, and artificial sweeteners that will wreck your body in so many ways!

“You can’t out train a bad diet”

Both crash dieting and chronic dieting can and will wreak havoc on your metabolic rate, as is clearly demonstrated in numerous studies published in the prestigious research journal Metabolism. Be aware of food claims such as Fat Free, and Sugar Free, especially Whole grain myths!

Over consumption of whole grains, even foods praised as being high in fiber such as:

1. 100% Whole Wheat Bread
2. Whole Grain Pasta
3. Bran flakes and other Wheat-based “Fiber” Cereals, and…
4. Whole Wheat Tortillas and Wraps

Despite having more fiber than their “white” counterparts, these 4 high-fiber foods destroy your blood sugar and give rapid rise to the fat-storing hormone insulin.5 In fact, believe it or not!

Metabolism Supplementing?

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